This project required the migration of HPE’s EMEA businesses off the old legacy tools and onto the new go forward tool, the ‘End User Access’ (EUA) portal.

When Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that it needed to consolidate its legacy tooling within six months, it required a partner to perform a pilot and migrate most of its major EMEA clients. Soitron was appointed to facilitate the project from start to finish and was successful in migrating 100% of its scope, that was over 70% of the accounts off the old legacy tool, which was a major achievement in such a short timeframe. Soitron also helped with HPE’s wider goal to increase efficiencies and to provide a top-notch platform for its leading clients.

how soitron made it easier

  • resourcing the project with experienced, senior and relevant experts
  • setting clear goals with KPIs
  • using transparent methodology & the most up to date “best practice”
  • unrivalled insight into how HPE operates
  • clear lines of communication
  • clear responsibilities and set roles


Streamline 160 accounts to 49 active accounts

Made it easier for HPE to provide a top quality service in order to cater for clients’ bespoke needs

Deliver highly improved customer service and overall client experience

Maintain strong relations with HPE clients

Andrea Moore

Lead Project Manager, HPE

Soitron approached the project with such confidence and the team was motivated to do a good job. We started with an environment that had not been maintained properly for some time, with much of the data being outdated. We took that environment and cleaned it up and brought the information up to date. We also created excellent project documentation which can be used for future migration activities and ensure smooth ongoing operations. We are very proud of what was achieved by this team.

Monitoring as a service significantly streamlines the operation of OMS Company


Monitoring as a service significantly streamlines the operation of OMS Company

OMS decided to benefit from all advantages of monitoring as a service. This solution is able to solve issues relating to IT infrastructure as a complex system, performance and load of individual devices, components as well as applications. Correct set-up of processes can save time and decrease or minimize the production outage. New monitoring solution provides OMS also with significant cost savings.


  • To create a concept of modern monitoring service minimizing negative impacts of unexpected incidents on OMS operation.
  • To alert about specific incidents and monitor defined parameters.
  • To avoid and eliminate infrastructure outages.
  • To ensure smooth and continual operation of the company.
  • To disburden IT department of time-consuming maintenance.

Our solution

  • Full migration to new monitoring as a service solution.
  • Transition of competencies to service provider.
  • Development of additional features based on customers’
  • Service of providers’ certified specialists.
  • Reduction of hardware requirements on monitoring infrastructure.


Modern monitoring service flexible to handle all dynamic changes in IT infrastructure.

Elimination of hardware outages that may endanger or interrupt the production process of the company.

Automation of specific tasks with no need for administrators' interaction, who can dedicate their time to other work activities.

Automatic ticket assignment to relevant team of specialists responsible for its resolving.

Ivan Kollár

Senior Monitoring Consultant (Soitron, s.r.o.)

Monitoring service is capable to actively monitor all selected parts of infrastructure (such as switches, routers, servers, etc.) according to customized settings and defined parameters.

Slovak Telekom is able to “listen to” all calls from their contact centre


Slovak Telekom is able to “listen to” all calls from their contact centre


  • Replace the manual and often inaccurate process of entering the call subject by agents with an automatic and more accurate solution.
  • Get a better understanding of the content and trends of all calls in the contact centre.
  • Streamline assessment of contact centre agents.
  • Capitalize on useful information acquired by the contact centre to improve business processes and enhance customer service.


  • Deployment of the Speech Analytics system by Verint able to identify key words and phrases in all contact centre telephone calls and based on that categorize the calls and analyse any communication trends.
  • Consulting services to identify keywords and possible benefits of the solution to
    various business units of Slovak Telekom.
  • Language model optimization for the needs of the largest Slovak Telecom


Detailed statistics of individual call categorization.

More efficient use of the contact centre resources, relieving operators from manual labour.

Better insights into customers, their moods and emotions based on the occurrence of certain words or phrases.

An tool for contact centre agent assessment.

Possible immediate identification and analysis of various events and issues, such as technical failures, or customers’ lack of response to a new offer.

The contact centre has become an efficient source of insights for service improvement and process streamlining.

Migration from proprietary monitoring solution to “monitoring as a service”


Migration from proprietary monitoring solution to “monitoring as a service”

A few months ago, Soitron faced a difficult situation with a need for smart decision at the end – continue with our own proprietary monitoring solutions or switch to monitoring as a service. The first option represented a significantly more expensive and complex approach because of the need for certified specialists as well as additional costs in a form of license fees. After several discussions, we have chosen the second alternative having many advantages we can benefit from.

Before migration

  • Expensive enterprise system based on costs calculation per server, per application
  • Service payments during the whole period of contract
  • Unclear licensing model and the associated high costs
  • Additional payments for extra features and modules
  • Specific requirements for trained and certified people

After migration

  • Clear system with no license fees or additional costs per application, per server
  • Significant savings in total costs
  • OpenSource software
  • Extra features and modules available for free
  • Increased level of flexibility, scalability and availability


Transparent and fixed price model during the whole contract period.

SLA with conditions tailored to customer needs. Service Desk and Incident management as a part of SLA.

Flexibility in solution modification with no relation to specific life cycle.

Payments according to used features and services.

Ivan Kollár

Senior Monitoring Consultant (Soitron, s.r.o.)

Thanks to new solution, modified according to our need and requirements, we managed to decrease total costs by 80%. Migration process took 3 months and was carried out seamlessly and with no outage of our services.

Implementation of video conferencing solution in Forbes Slovakia


Implementation of video conferencing solution in Forbes Slovakia

The Forbes story in Slovakia started to be written in 2010. The owners have a license for 4 countries, which is actually the highest number of countries assigned to a single company in the world. They had and still have a company with offices in Bratislava, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Imagine that you are in the shoes of owners and that you would have to travel and visit all these destinations every week. So, they had a natural need to look for another solution to save their money and time.

Case study