Monitoring service implementation for Johns Manville


Monitoring service implementation for Johns Manville

A system that monitors your infrastructure, operating systems and the status of applications is, in the eyes of many, prohibitively costly in terms of the initial investment and the need to employ a team of trained specialists. But there’s a cost-effective alternative: “Monitoring as a service” – a simple solution used, among others, by Johns Manville.

Prior state

  • Licensed HP SIM monitoring tool
  • Limited choice of hardware vendors
  • Difficult customization
  • A local IT team dedicated to ad-hoc issue-solving
  • System with no ITSM processes
  • Service Desk services unavailable

Present state

  • A modern monitoring service flexibly adapting to ever changing IT infrastructure
  • Automated tasks with no human interaction required
  • Elimination of any hardware failures that could have adverse effects on the production
  • Improved IT infrastructure stability
  • Automatic incident assignment to appropriate teams dedicated to handling and resolving the issue


Standardized solutions tailored to customer’s needs.

Powers and responsibilities transferred to the service provider.

Predefined parameters in SLA.

Use of certified personnel of service provider.

Ivan Kollár

Senior Monitoring Consultant (Soitron, s.r.o.)

With collected data analysis the customer gets a full picture of how well their corporate infrastructure works, how effective their efforts are and what is the level of utilization of individual components. One of the major benefits is also the cost effectiveness.