IT Tester

Job description:
Test Support:

  • Designing test cases, test scenarios and setup of test utilities based on requests
  • Responsibility for all kinds of tests in SW devel. process (unit, functional, integration, UAT, regression, load and benchmark testing)
  • Test environment setup, review and update
  • Analysis of test incidents, documentation, reporting
  • Test documentation review and update, test evaluation and reporting
  • Test tools review and update, definition and lead of change requests
  • Definition of test and acceptance criteria
  • Design and lead of installation procedures
  • Card management system configuration on filesystem (Solaris) and database level
  • Certification testing and overall certification support
  • Design and maintenance of the documentation
  • Management of cryptographic keys
  • Cooperation with other teams and team members
  • Knowledge transfer 

Expected skills:

  • Technical skills:

           Test development process – advanced level
           Unix(Solaris) platform – basic level
           Scripting(Shell/Ruby/Perl) – basic level(ability to read the code at the minimum)
           SQL/PL SQL(SQLPlus, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Developer) – basic level
           XML – basic level
           Understanding of network communication(client-server, TCP/IP, MQ, …) – basic level

  • Soft skills:

            Understanding of software development lifecycle, analytical and logical thinking,
            problem solving skills, attention to details, creative thinking, thinking outside-the-box,
            ability to read technical documentation, communication skills, reliability, team player,
            ability to work independently and efficiently, willing to learn

  • Nice to have:

            Knowledge of card management banking systems
            Knowledge of (en)decryption by HSM(Host Security Module)
            Language skills: English – advanced