Monitoring as a service significantly streamlines the operation of OMS Company

OMS decided to benefit from all advantages of monitoring as a service. This solution is able to solve issues relating to IT infrastructure as a complex system, performance and load of individual devices, components as well as applications. Correct set-up of processes can save time and decrease or minimize the production outage. New monitoring solution provides OMS also with significant cost savings.


  • To create a concept of modern monitoring service minimizing negative impacts of unexpected incidents on OMS operation.
  • To alert about specific incidents and monitor defined parameters.
  • To avoid and eliminate infrastructure outages.
  • To ensure smooth and continual operation of the company.
  • To disburden IT department of time-consuming maintenance.

Our solution

  • Full migration to new monitoring as a service solution.
  • Transition of competencies to service provider.
  • Development of additional features based on customers’
  • Service of providers’ certified specialists.
  • Reduction of hardware requirements on monitoring infrastructure.


Modern monitoring service flexible to handle all dynamic changes in IT infrastructure.

Elimination of hardware outages that may endanger or interrupt the production process of the company.

Automation of specific tasks with no need for administrators' interaction, who can dedicate their time to other work activities.

Automatic ticket assignment to relevant team of specialists responsible for its resolving.

Ivan Kollár

Senior Monitoring Consultant (Soitron, s.r.o.)

Monitoring service is capable to actively monitor all selected parts of infrastructure (such as switches, routers, servers, etc.) according to customized settings and defined parameters.