Slovak Telekom is able to “listen to” all calls from their contact centre


  • Replace the manual and often inaccurate process of entering the call subject by agents with an automatic and more accurate solution.
  • Get a better understanding of the content and trends of all calls in the contact centre.
  • Streamline assessment of contact centre agents.
  • Capitalize on useful information acquired by the contact centre to improve business processes and enhance customer service.


  • Deployment of the Speech Analytics system by Verint able to identify key words and phrases in all contact centre telephone calls and based on that categorize the calls and analyse any communication trends.
  • Consulting services to identify keywords and possible benefits of the solution to
    various business units of Slovak Telekom.
  • Language model optimization for the needs of the largest Slovak Telecom


Detailed statistics of individual call categorization.

More efficient use of the contact centre resources, relieving operators from manual labour.

Better insights into customers, their moods and emotions based on the occurrence of certain words or phrases.

An tool for contact centre agent assessment.

Possible immediate identification and analysis of various events and issues, such as technical failures, or customers’ lack of response to a new offer.

The contact centre has become an efficient source of insights for service improvement and process streamlining.